C.E.O. (short for Creating Experiences and Opportunities) is the underlying philosophy behind day camps, summer camps, sports camps, adult and youth parties, and corporate team building events hosted by Phield House. While customers can choose to attend or host these kinds of events elsewhere, C.E.O. aims to provide exposure, awareness, and access to a large variety of experiences through camp-like programming for kids and adults alike. In creating these opportunities, C.E.O. helps everyone discover and develop their best self, usually one they didn't even know could exist. This project seeks to develop a tag line that enhances the C.E.O. brand and highlights the underlying value of our mission and our programs.

Phield House, the parent to C.E.O., is an indoor sports facility designed to provide year-round access to a variety of athletic surfaces and equipment for adults and youth, amateurs and professionals alike. It is a centrally located, unique, and safe environment that focuses on wellness, fitness, teamwork, and sportsmanship with two main goals: to provide a clean and accessible location where individuals and teams of all skill levels can gather around sports, and to ensure that young urban athletes have access to a training facility that normalizes their potential against their suburban competitors. Through individual or small group coaching, camps, clinics, and leagues, there is something for everyone, in particular for elite athletes who are looking to improve specific skills, beginners who are interested in learning the basics of a new sport, parents who are considering a physical after school or camp activity for school-aged children, or adults who are looking to join a league or play with friends. In addition, Phield House has become a desired location to host events for a wide variety of organizers that are not limited to sports or sport themed organizations.


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