We are opening a bar at a place called Peckham Levels in London, UK.

Peckham Levels was once a gloomy multi-storey car park, but has undergone a magical metamorphosis. Now, it stands tall as a hub of food, music, and culture.

Peckham Levels was designed as a community space that would support local people whilst drawing visitors. The first four floors are office space and studios for a diverse range of businesses, including ceramic workshops, violin makers, and magazines. Level 6 is where the bulk of the fun stuff takes place. Anyone getting peckish in Peckham will be well catered for with all the street food the Levels can offer.

The place has a real rustic car park feel to it where a lot of street food vendors and music event activations take place.

We will be serving mainly beers and are looking for a fun quirky name to go with the ambience of the space. I would recommend looking at the website or search on google to understand the vibe of the place.

I am looking for a cool two word phrase similar to the names of the competitors mentioned below - can be a play on around beer, brew, hops


Hops & Rye

by CleverBrands