Our professional services entity is a mobile medical practice. We focus on the whole person and address issues affecting client's physical, mental and social well being. We deliver an integrated clinical model. This brings bring Medical and Psychiatric care on site to residential facilities and also coordinates associated care.

Our team members include Nurse Practitioners, Health coaches and Physicians that are trained in managing a population with Complex Medical needs.

Following our intial meeting and assessment, we address medical and psychiatric issues for the patient. We take into account the social issues that might be contributing to the above and coordinate services to address the same. Examples of such issues include addressing social determinants of health such as food or housing insecurity.

By taking a global view of the person's health, we try to move away from episodic medical care to planning interventions that assure long term improvement in health and well being for the client.

We also engage family and friends to help optimize outcomes for our clients.

We are service minded care providers. We listen to our patients and see the person as a whole.

Breaking silos in health care delivery while serving our patients is what we do best.


BluePeak Integrated Care

by Bernard