Most Bed & Breakfast locations do not have a reception or concierge like a typical hotel, but only a skeletal staff to address the guests’ needs. If a guest forgets to pack certain toiletry items such as deodorant, razor, aspirin, toothbrush etc.

My product is a physical “travel trunk” or “footlocker trunk” that could be placed in the owner's office area or main house. The trunk would contain various popular toiletry items, Hair Items, Skin Items, Intimate Items, and anything else that a typical Bed & Breakfast does not have available.

The guest will go to a website and enter the unique code for that location which will show a list of the items available in the trunk to purchase. The guest would purchase it online and either pick it up or have it delivered to the guest's room.

This solves the problem for both the B&B as well as the guest and everyone is happy!



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