Software development company providing outsourcing (contract out a package of work, with us managing the software development process), outstaffing (we provide bodies, client runs the process and manages them), and fully-managed/full lifecycle product development support.

- Prometheus (we give the tools, you use them as you see fit)

What differentiates us:
- Our focus on and support for startups
- Agile process and tools employed
- Experience and pedigree of the team
- Competitive pricing
- Professionalism and communication (not always there in outsourced firms)
- We'll turn down work we don't want to do
- We know the technologies we're good at, the technologies we suck at, and the technologies that are stupid to work with
- Resources tailored for the job (right level of seniority -- we don't over- or under-resource)


Cornerstone Tech Solutions

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