We are drone light show company.

Our company will produce shows where we fly drones with LED lights on them in various patterns and shapes in the sky. Kind of like a fireworks show but without the kaboooms; it's more like digital moving art in the sky. We perform our shows for all types of events: holidays, sporting events, festivals, grand openings, trade shows. Youtube search "drone show" to get an idea of what we do.

A tagline for drone company: Our light shows are designed and orchestrated by world-class artists and engineers, guaranteed to be the highlight of your event.

We are open to any kind of name. We would like something that is easy to pronounce, spell and remember. The name does not necessarily need to include the word "drones" in them, but we are okay if it does.

We think our competitors have done a great job with their names: Sky Magic, Firefly Drones, and Drone Works.

Thank you for any ideas!


SkyLight Drone Shows

by OakRdNamer

Aerial Art

by Bernard