The names of the founders are Remo, Yann, Stefan and Sandro. We as a company develop innovative food products of the highest quality for health-conscious people. Our portfolio comprises four product lines: Natural Food, Fitness, Weight Loss and Health. With these smart nutrition products, we want to help you lead a healthier and fitter life. They are easy to integrate into your everyday life, provide you with nutrients and thus support you in a healthy lifestyle.

Our first product is a so-called granola to go. It is sold in cups (including spoon) and consists of a granola and a powder mixture, which turns into a yogurt-like substance when mixed with water. It can be eaten on the go and does not need to be refrigerated. It is healthy (low sugar, high protein) but still tasty and is meant to be sold to body conscious (or would-be body conscious) people. Our company pays a lot of attention to sustainability and all components (spoons, cups, packaging) are made of reusable materials.



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