We are an ecommerce business that sells multiple different products. We want an overarching brand name that we can use as an umbrella for all the different types of products. I would like a generic name that can transcend a bunch of different products, and a one word name. Thank you and looking forward to your submissions!

Think of the example of the boundery name that is generic and has a bunch of diferent products underneath it. We need something for the "prepper" category and middle america 50+ aged man and women.

Here are the products that would be under this brand name:
Tools/Technology Category:

Recovray (a lightbulb that stays on if power goes out)
Air Pump (pumps air into tires, etc)
Daysight (glasses that help you drive at night)
Grout Restor (grout pen that brightens up grout)
Wifi Booster
Trilly Charge (charges your phone)
Boltz Pro (charges devices 3x as fast)
Inductivv (bluetooth bone conduction headphones)
Magnaboom (bluetooth speaker)
Magni XTD (screen magnifier)
Fuzebug (bug zapper)



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