We are an ecommerce business that sells multiple different products. We want an overarching brand name that we can use as an umbrella for all the different types of products. I would like a generic name that can transcend a bunch of different products, and a one word name. Thank you and looking forward to your submissions!

Think about boundery and go to that site and see how it is a generic word that can transcend multiple products. That is what we are interested in.

Here are the products that would be under this brand name:

Health/Beauty Category:

IPL (laser hair removal)
Akemi Glow (LED skin beauty mask)
Glow Shoot (a ring light for better lighting for selfies etc)
Sticky bra
Shave Lux (womans electric shaver)
Sunset Lamp (fun atmosphere mood lamp/lighting)
Back Brace (helps with posture)
Spine Board (lay on this to crack back)
Neck Massager
Steri Spiral (cleans earwax)
Sani White (mouth guard tooth brush/light)
Sani Pik (electric dental pik)
Moodozi (sad therapy light)
Sure Sleep (white noise machine)
Oximeter (pulse oximeter)
Rest Clip (anti snore device nose clip)



by Truffle Creative

AgeWell Market

by Sarahr