We are starting a real estate business that is specifically focused on acquiring commercial property & small businesses - multifamily apartments, office spaces, services businesses, health companies.

This will be a holding company type approach (think Berkshire Hathaway or Alphabet). We have already acquired an 8 unit apartment and 20 unit office suite building.

In the future we plan to build & develop apartments and commercial buildings.

We really like the brand names The Related Companies https://www.related.com/ , Apollo, Greystar , Treystar, TransformCo,

I would also like a suggestive name or compound names. Think OpenTable or Evernote for suggestive. Think SnapChat or Facebook for compound.

Too many real estate companies name them "Partners", "Real Estate", "Asset Management, "Capital" . We want something new, unique, refreshing.



by marlonsjob

Elevate Group

by aliglo