We help people get the scrum master job and grow their scrum careers through practical online courses. This is a popular job mostly in the tech world. How we're different: we help people get the experience and skills they need to get the job, which they don't get in training. Learning to be a scrum master is more like learning to speak Italian vs. learning to ride a bike - it takes skills and experience that come through practice, not just knowledge. Ideas so far: scrum job kit, scrum career catalyst, scrum squad, scrumjobkit, thescrumhub (sounds good but leaves out the "get the job" part). Scrum job lab, get scrum job (boring and sounds like job board, which the business is not). scrum career kit, scrumspot, scrumbecome. The LLC name is agility transformation, but that doesn't describe the company or services. The current website name no one can say or spell. It's agilitytransformation.com

I like quirky/fun but has to have a level of professionalism and sense of community and getting them the actual job vs. just more theory.



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