Hi Everyone,

This naming contest is for a 140-unit apartment complex in New Braunfels, TX. The property's current name is Langtry Village but the goal is to rebrand it completely, including a new name for the property. The new name should tie in with the surrounding New Braunfels area, whether it has something to do with the surrounding geography or the history of the New Braunfels area. The goal is to rebrand the community with a new name that modernizes the property, while still maintaining the roots of the historic New Braunfels heritage. Most of the other apartment complexes in the area have names that relate back to New Braunfels' history or geography, so a name that does this but with a modern twist is ideal. Please see this link to the apartment's website for pictures of the apartment community: https://www.langtryvillage.com/



Cypress Edge Apartments

by Dan T