This business is a new company to operate from Perth Western Australia offering new solid construction swimming pools. The pool industry is broken down in to 3 types predominantly

1. Fiberglass pools - offsite manufactured, usually cheap end of the scale, not the best but simple of the shelf option.
2. A concrete pool - onsite constructed, usually a lengthy process and custom premium priced. People prefer solid constructed pool if they have the money.
3. liner style pool - solid made usually from brick work lined with a poly liner. These dont last and liner usually need replacing every 7-10 years.

We plan to offer a competitive alternative, solid construction with concrete however with a engineered concrete filled walling system. In short the same benefits as a concrete pool but through efficient engineering allows a faster installation and using less materials making it more competitive.

We plan to be below the pricing of a solid premium custom concrete pool but above the quality of a liner pool.

We also want to offer our pools in a format similar to a zambero menu - on a website you select your length and width plus your equipment etc which will then almost immediately give you a indicative subject to site inspection price.

Though this will be the business model we will have approx 3 standard pool options for example 7 x 3.5 m square with x finish x equipment will typically be $xxx.

I have started and developed previous businesses and companies before and prefer Very clean catchy branding.

A pool brand recently started in Australia is called Plungie which is I find very effective for their product.

There is a company that resurfaces pools called Bluvitalize in which I think the brand is very effect for their service.

I like both of the above names because they not pigeon holed to one location. The brand is catchy and leaves room for growth in other states or even further afield.

Although I prefer professional, clean on worded brands im open to xxxxxxx pool/ pools etc

In terms of the selection options for pool names below Modern is the best described for what we would like.



by JargonHunter