Name for a line of medical device for self testing.

The name must be consistent with the company's mission and values.
The mission is: we work to make excellent and affordable medical devices widely and quickly available to increase your safety and know your status.
The values ​​are: to prevent it is necessary to know, and we are guided by science.
Placement is for people who believe that science can improve their life, can increase their knowledge.
The buyer person is 80% woman, 20% man. 80% between 35 and 55 years. Not satisfied with products that are unsafe or do not give reliable results.
The brand identity must give a perception of trust, easy to have and easy to do and within everyone's reach.
The name is for the whole European market, so it doesn't have to just for the Italian market. The name must not contain the product itself or immediately identifying terms such as "lab" "health" "test" "home" but must stand above this and interpret the mission. The .com, .it .de domains must be available

the products of the line are self-tests for: vitamin D, thyroid, menopause, renal function, anemia, ovulation, streptococcus, pregnancy, prostate, liver, celiac disease, etc.


Assura Trust

by AceMade


by Aprylbee