It is a franchise of "Bag of Savings" ( I do the same thing, but I need my own business name to operate under. It will be an LLC.

Essentially what we do is, we produce and give away 2500 reusable shopping bags to local churches or business owners or real estate agents. The company we gift the bags then gives away the bags as a gift to their customers or prospective clients. Then they provides us with a list of 15-20 businesses they work with on a regular basis. We then contact these individuals and sell them advertising space on the bags. So if we were to give the bags to a real estate agent, we would contact lenders, plumbers, home improvement companies, electricians, basically any business that a prospective home buyer would be interested in, we get these pre-recommended businesses advertisements on the bag. The essence I am trying to capture with the name is that we connect businesses and/or we provide people with quality reusable grocery bags which keeps people from using more and more plastic bags, so the dolphins and seagulls don't have to wear them as hats anymore. It's a positive thing for the environment is what I'm trying to say.


Bagging Business

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