Brand name briefing:

We are a company that provides a customer focused SaaS platform in the field of Network Security. With over 10 years of experience we deliver our Platform solutions to clients all over the world through our extensive partner network. We help clients turning large amounts of unstructured data that crosses the IT infrastructure into meaningful and actionable information enabling them to, and this is important, improve both performance as well as cyber security levels. We are here to help enterprises guarding themselves from network based cyberattacks

Enterprises’ IT environments are increasingly complex and vulnerable to cyber threats but are also crucial to their critical business processes. Enterprises’ digital performance is under pressure due to the ever growing complexity of the application landscape while targeted attacks bring unknown intruders into their networks causing serious security threats. In the ambition to facilitate maximum business result while protecting their people and processes, support teams need management consoles that present performance and cybersecurity data from multiple sources in a unified dashboard. It needs to be highly automated and actionable where necessary.

Our SaaS Platform offers a unique way of handling large amounts of data and include innovative detection tools to analyse traffic and behavioral patterns. Customers benefit from the ability to take detection measures across the entire infrastructure resulting in high performing applications and protection against cyber-attacks.



by Addasin82