Pediatric Dental Specialist
Office in Santa Barbara, California, one of the most beautiful places in the world, right on the ocean with a view of the mountains.
This is a very high end patient population with many celebrities and highly educated parents.
With intent to add 2 more offices in the future, all within Santa Barbara county. (Possibly Solvang, CA and Montecito, CA)

The office values:
Heartfelt - Honest, sincere, trustworthy, thoughtful, transparent, joyful. Great vibes.
Modern - Latest treatment methods, inclusive, open minded, fair.
Quality work - We perform the best quality dentistry that makes sense for your child's developing psyche.
Safe environment - Your child's safety is our passion.
Professional - Board certified pediatric dentist with over 11 years of experience. Thoughtful, available, thorough. Value on relationship building and watching children grow into adulthood.
Growth and development - experts to anticipate your child's dental needs
Community - We live and work in this community, volunteer our time at home and internationally.
Environmentally friendly - we use sustainable methods and products whenever possible, and reduce waste in every aspect.

"Dental Home" is a recent term that describes establishing care at an office by the age of 1 y/o and having that be their dentist throughout childhood and adolescence. I would like to convey this in the name. The practice will be decorated like it is a small modern colorful home by the ocean. We want to harbor a safe place for families based on transparency and trust.

Would like to keep "Pediatric dentistry" or Children's Dentistry" "Dentistry for Children" as a subtitle. So the office can have the flexibility to employ general dentists and orthodontists in the future.


My Bestest Dentist

by mikeyb