An app/website that is similar to LinkedIn, but for sports. A sports-specific social network for individuals, teams, and agencies to connect, share, and learn. Athletes of all ages can now make money off their brand (Name-Image-Likeness), our app allows for athletes to create, build, and share their brand. Part of each profile is a section dedicated to their brand: they can include and talk about their hobbies and interests. Another part of our app is a database where users can search and access information quick and easy. In the database is searchable features such as individuals stats, playing status, coaching status, location, age, and more. This searchable feature can also include interests and hobbies that NIL (Name-Image-Likeness) agencies and companies can use to partner with athletes. Our goal is to be the only social networking channel that places the sports community in the palm of your hands, allowing for easy networking and instant discovery.



by littledebbie