We are an e-commerce education business that is looking to help small e-com businesses in the $3k-$20k/mo range to break through and scale to $100k to $300k/mo mark. It is about finding out what is wrong in their business, finding the pain points, obstacles, then building out an execution plan to break through the barriers they're facing.

The name should be 2 words.


Here are some names I've recently liked - and why:

#1: Build Better / Better Brands: The name succinctly describes us. We're in the business of building something better than what you're currently getting.

#2: Plan & Profit / Plan & Prosper: These are great as well (but taken). It shows how with careful review of a plan, you can execute and grow.

#3: A name I somewhat came across which I like "forge & foster", but it's taken. Something other 2-word phrase that means the same thing as this would be great too. (forge = build / foster = result)


Build & Boost

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