XXX provides Recruitment, Training, and Consulting solutions to help organizations in the setup, growth, and development of their businesses across Europe. Unlike the typical HR services provider, XXX combines recruitment expertise with training and strategy expertise to provide a one-stop solution for all of your people needs.

Over the last decade, hundreds of Multinational Corporations, SMEs, and Start-ups have partnered with XXX to provide on-demand training, recruitment, process management, and other core HR services to support the start-up and expansion of their businesses.

1. HR Advice & Business Consulting
2. Staffing & Recruitment
3. Training & Development

HR Advice & Business Consulting

With a wide range of assignments successfully closed, XXX HR & Business Consulting practice helps companies solve the most challenging HR issues.
Unlike a "typical" consulting firm, XXX consultants follow through and implement recommended solutions to your business challenges. Often this means designing, building, and even managing processes on behalf of our clients before embedding the solution into your organization.
At XXX we don't just provide theoretical advice- we design, develop, and execute- saving client resources and providing practical solutions to real HR and business issues.

Staffing & Recruitment

Talent Acquisition, or recruitment, is about engaging the next wave of talent that will contribute to the success of your business. Usually, the talent that matches your business needs will not find you by way of a job posting or simple advertising, and when a proactive search (head-hunting) approach is needed, we will work with your company to:

• Map, identify, and screen the required skills in the regional marketplace.
• Approach and engage the business partner or executive that your business requires.
• Facilitate the on-boarding and contract negotiations between parties.

Hiring & HR Support Solutions
RPO Global also provides simple solutions for companies that need management of large-scale hiring projects or temporary recruitment solutions without the added cost of agency fees through "Flex-RPO".

Our "Flexible RPO" support solution allows you to design custom level of support, ranging from basic administrative support on hiring activities, management and development of your recruitment functions, to a total HR support solution for a pre-determined amount of time.

Training & Development

XXX provides training that can equip your staff with the skills and knowledge that is key to building, growing, and driving a successful business.
With 100 different training course modules to choose from, we can provide practical soft-skills and technical training programmes that meet the talent management needs of your business.

Staff, HR & Management Training (Classroom)

These training modules all aim to ensure organizations can put the right talent in the right positions, improve individual capabilit


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