We require a product brand name for a range of HIGH END PREMIUM spectacles.

The brand name is for an expensive range of spectacles which will be sold in UK optician retail stores.

The brand name should be suitable for both mens & womens glasses frames.
This range is targeting customers over 55+ years.
The typical customer who will buy this range is affluent, classy, sophisticated, traditional British person. We need a strong, well established brand name which will appeal to this type of customer.
The brand name should give the image that the product will be very well made to a high standard and suitable for a classy sophisticated person.

The name can be a person’s name which sounds French, Swiss, German, Italian or British. Or the name can be totally unique/ random/ made up name.

Here are the brand names below of my direct competitors so you can get a feel of what brands they use:

Louis marcel
Cocoa Mint
Jacques Lamont
Aspinal Of London
William Morris Collection
Montana Swiss
Julian Beaumont
by Paul Costello


Cote Optiq

by doxnmama