I am a general contractor and I am rebranding by construction company.
We do interior renovations for high end homes and apartments. We mostly do commercial work where we also renovate the interiors of apartments with having the tenants stay in place.

I need a name that means we complete jobs start to finish, quality work, on time, etc. it cannot be a name too specific to one trade as I am a general contractor who does everything. So a broad name is better. We do work with the government so it has to be professional.

One name that I thought might be good is “Wilco” because my name is Will but the problem is “Wilco” doesn’t roll of the tongue nice so I don’t like it. A name with the word “Will” in it could work too since it’s my name and will be unique.

One name I thought of is “Turn Key” which I really love but the domain is taken. So if you can find a domain that will work with that business name I can choose a winner for that also.


NovaTec Construction

by aloha