The company creates and manufactures food/beverage ingredients like sweeteners, fibers, proteins, and texturants. The product is an internal technology tool that allows the user (application scientists or sales team members) to input and compare various ingredient formulations (recipes) that may include a texturant, sweetener, fiber, and protein along with the amount of each ingredient. The output of the tool is the total cost of the formulation, the stability of the formula, the sweetness level, and the nutrition profile per serving (calories, fat, carbs, fiber, sugars, added sugars, protein).

The previous name for this was the 'Cost & Nutrition Calculator' but we have expanded the capabilities of the tool and need to change the name. We considered a name like 'Formulation Solutions Tool' but feel that it is too wordy. We are open to names that are a bit more abstract and don't necessarily describe exactly what the tool does.



by Bernard


by PitBullMom