I am starting a sales consulting business where I will consult businesses and individual sales professionals on how to prospect to build pipeline, run a proper sales cycle, consultative sales and close deals. I will also have an offering to help sales professionals prep for and practice their sales presentations in a safe environment where I give them feedback so they can deliver the best outcome to their client. I will provide sales materials, do speaking engagements and trainings. I will provide 1:1 interactions, team and group coaching along with workshops. My clients always tell me that I am so authentic. I would really like this authenticity to somehow set me apart from the other sales consulting companies out there. I would like to take people on retreats and do sales consulting or workshops nationally and internationally, not just through zoom calls. I want my business to be sassy, confident, encouraging, kind and no bullshit. I want clients to feel appreciated and know that when they work with me I get down to business. I am serious about business and success. I don't want to be seen as an MLM or a hoax.


Sales Coach Approach

by Stonehauler