We Need a Name for a Women's Health & Wellness Brand
Elevator Pitch:
Our brand empowers women to take control of their fertility through affordable diagnostic services and egg freezing options. We provide a trustworthy and modern solution for women who want to prioritize their careers and have the freedom to choose when to start a family.

Mission Statement:
To help women understand their fertility and provide affordable solutions for fertility testing and egg freezing services, all while fostering a sense of empowerment and freedom for our customers.

Our Name Should Convey:
Trustworthiness, modernity, freedom, and empowerment. Ideal if the name is a smart play on words - to catch someone's attention.

We also may branch out to aesthetics later so also acceptable to have names and adjectives which will go with both - eg. timeless health/ lab.

Target Audience Summary:
Females aged 25-40 who are single, divorced, or don't have an established partner. They are career-focused and want to understand their fertility options.

List of Target Customer's Dream:
• Understanding their fertility options
• Having the freedom to prioritize their careers
• Feeling empowered to make choices about their reproductive health
List of Target Customer Psychographics:
• Personality: Ambitious, independent, proactive
• Lifestyle: Busy, career-oriented, health-conscious
• Interests: Wellness, fitness, personal growth
• Opinions: Pro-choice, progressive, open-minded
• Attitudes: Empowered, confident, in control
• Beliefs: Women should have the freedom to make their own choices about their bodies and futures
Top Brand Values:
• Affordability
• Transparency
• Empowerment
Top Emotional Benefits of the Brand:
• Confidence
• Inspiration
• Trust
Brand's Big Ideas:
• Empowering women to take control of their fertility
• Providing affordable options for reproductive health and aesthetics services
• Fostering a sense of freedom and choice for our customers
• Celebrating women's independence and ambition
• Creating a community of empowered women who prioritize their health and well-being
Brand Personality:
Our brand personality is like that of a supportive friend who encourages you to chase your dreams and make choices that align with your values. We are trustworthy, modern, and empowering, like a mentor who guides you through life's challenges with confidence and grace


Work Now, Mom Later

by CaroleH