I have an amazing odorless deodorizer that works by oxidizing odors. It works on anything; dander, ammonia, smoke of any kind, bathroom smells, you name it. It's completely natural and non-toxic, working the same way rain does, and is iodine-based. You spray it on things, in the air with a mister, or using a diffuser or humidifier to saturate the air.
I don't know whether I want a natural or bold black-and-white branding, but I want the name to be something bold, so that it sounds dominant. Like "ok I gotta try this."
The initial target market will be
Also it is a non-profit with all profits going to fight sex-trafficking farms, so something that looks good with .org would be convenient, but that suffix tends to erode that dominant feel, so don't prioritize it.
The initial market will be for people who are extremely sensitive to odors, but in the end want it to be a household name as the go-to all-purpose solution. Want it to be hard and sticky.
(P.s.) there are some good-sounding domains that aren't listed here for me to allow. Just as long as it makes sense/sounds good. Variations (myXYZ.com, getXYZ.com are ok only if the name is short and the original name is taken but not in-use by reputable company.)

Here are some names for inspiration that I can't use or am playing with but want to improve on or beat:
God's odor euthanizer
scent drift
air scrub

Thank you so much!!!!



by StarChiarot