We need a name for a Modern Home Decor and Artefacts Brand

Our brand offers niche and unique home decor and artefacts imported from various countries and sell it in India- for people with stylish, artsy, qwirky and unique tastes for their homes/spaces and who believe in quality products. We provide a modern and artsy touch to the living space, making it homely yet trendy while focusing on quality products.

Our name should convey an essence of modernity, class, and niche and smartness. It should be easy to recall and spell since its mainly e-commerce.

List of Our Target Customer Psychographics:
• Personality: Stylish, sophisticated, and discerning.
• Lifestyle: Affluent and interested in home decor and artefacts.
• Interests: Home decor, architecture, and design.
• Opinions: Value quality, uniqueness, and style.
• Attitudes: Trendsetters, passionate about home decor, and willing to invest in unique and high-quality products.
• Beliefs: A living space should reflect the personality and style of the owner.

Brand Personality:
Our brand personality is like a modern and innovative interior designer, who loves to play with unique and high-quality decor artefacts, yet keeps the living space homely and comfortable.

Please only suggest brand names with have .com availabilty



by CreativEve