***Please do not submit anymore names with the word PUDD or PUD or PUDDS or POOD. Will not be accepted and rejected immediately.
We are looking for a name for a high protein pudding. This pudding will be healthy, all natural, low in sugar and high in protein.
It will mainly be for people looking for a dessert which is good for them and high in protein.
Our target customer is anyone who wants to eat healthy, have more protein and feel good.
We do not want something too over powering and niche (like MUSCLE PUDDING).
We want the name to give the feeling that this product is either healthy, good for you or high in protein without being too direct or generic (i.e. High Protein Pudding).
Also, a side not, this pudding will be sold in pouch (which means there is no spoon needed and it can be eaten anywhere). The official name of it is called a Spouted Pouch.
Obviously this pudding will be milk based.


Powerfuel Protein

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