I need to find a generic name for a brand that will work as a delivery restaurant(kitchen) (online orders via web or mobile + delivery). The product or cuisine that the kitchen will produce is not important at the moment. It can be bagels, pizza, salads...e.g. ABC Bages, ABC Pizza, ABC Healthy Salads. In other words I need to replace ABC

It would great if the name can be associated with some character. Example: dodobrands.io - it's main product is DoDo Pizza. DoDo word stands for extinct flightless bird https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dodo which is also used as a character on the logo. Another example Einstein Bros. Bagels that most of us know. "Einstein Bros." prefix can be used with pretty much any cuisine and it represented by a character in their logo.

PLEASE NOTE! DoDo and Einstein Bros. example above was provided only as a reference to explain concept.

1. Short name (1 or max 2 words), simple, easy to remember and pronounce
2. Vivid character associated the the name (not a requirement but great to have)
3. No references to specific cuisines in the main part of the brand name
4. Name should be available in .com domain
5. whatever name you come up with - make sure that it sounds well when used in conjunction with "bagels", "pizza", "salads". ABC Bagels, ABC Pizza, ABC Anyother cuisine.



by Tomaselli