We have a "water wall" that needs a name. This wall is 16 feet long and will be placed at a grocery store. The wall allows customers different ways to purchase bulk (1 gallon, 3 gallon 5 gallon) water. The different machines within this wall include:
1. Refill - this is a self serve machine that allows customers to fill empty bottles with filtered water. There is also a rack next to the Refill machine where empty bottles can be purchased if the customer didn't bring their own.
2. Exchange - this is a large rack that contains prefilled 5 gallon bottles of purified or spring water. After the customer uses the water (typically the 5 gallon bottles are used in water dispensers) they can return the empty bottle by placing it in the empty bin and then are given a ticket for their next 5 gallon bottle at a discount.
3. Premium Water Exchange rack - this is a smaller rack that features premium water in 3 gallon bottles. Premium waters include artesian spring water and alkaline water. Works the same way as the regular exchange.
4. Dispensers - there is a rack that displays water dispensers.

We need an overarching name for the wall that communicates all things water. The wall provides customers with different options to purchase bulk water.



by Willow