Our plumbing company, ClogDoc, will be offering pipe relining in the near future.

In simple terms, a new durable pipe (better than the original) will be inserted within the existing pipe. If you Google "Pipe Relining" you'll see lots of photos. The process can be termed "Pipe Relining", "Trenchless Pipes", "No Dig Pipes" etc.

The biggest advantage is that the homeowners avoid tearing up their yard with excavators that will dig 8-10 feet down to perform a regular pipe replacement.

The challenge we are facing is that average person doesn’t know what “pipe relining” is, or may imagine that we are just coating the walls of his existing pipes resulting in inferior quality.

In order to reduce these misconceptions, we are looking for a name that the average person would easily understand the concept and its benefits. The homeowner will be getting a brand new pipe installed within the existing pipe without the hassle and damage to his front yard.


Renew Pipe Pro

by StarChiarot