I'm developing a card-based video game (digital board game) in which the player leads a cat mafia gang. The game features simple crafting mechanics (combining cards to get new ones), a simple combat system and a gang management system.

Stacklands is the closest Steam game (competitor) in terms of mechanics.

Example card from the game (to get the Look & Feel): https://i.postimg.cc/ZYD8rh5Q/Big-Tony.png

In the game, cat gang leaders approach other cats who live their final (9th) life to offer them some excitement by joining their gang. There is a legend about a mystical land called Catlantida, ruled by cats. Only selected cats can find and enter that land, after their 9th life.

Some random names that I like (they might not be relevant though):

- Stanley Parable
- Thomas Was Alone
- Celeste
- Firewatch
- Stardew Valley

One of the main factors I'd consider when choosing the name are:

- Very few or close to no Google results when searching for that name (VERY IMPORTANT!)
- Easy to say/spell
- No bad associations with the name

Thank you!


Kitty Kitty Bang Bang

by hitolee