We aim to create a vibrant members club, designed to foster a connected and dynamic community, enabling enriching lifestyle through curated activities, events, and personalized services, and offering direct access to state- of-the-art facilities hosted at the prime real-estate property.

Fundamental Offerings:

-State-of-the-Art Infrastructure: Modern, thoughtfully designed facilities, including spa, gym, pool, coworking, cinema, martial arts studio, yoga and meditation room, rooftop deck.

-Enriching Lifestyle: Cultural, educational, and recreational events to inspire and engage.

-Community: A vibrant community of like-minded individuals fostering meaningful relationships.

Vision: To create a connected, engaging community offering seamless access to diverse amenities, personalized services, and enriching experiences, serving as a hub for dynamic activities and fostering a vibrant network.

Key Concept: Membership is affordable but recommendation-based, curated by Club Ambassadors.

Core Values:

-Enriching Lifestyle: Seamless services and activities enhancing members' lives.

-Community: An engaging, connected experience where members feel valued.

-Inclusivity: Embracing diversity and creating a welcoming environment for all.

Naming Preference:
Names based on deep concepts (e.g. ikigai) are preferred but not required.

Tone and Feel: