I will provide sales and lead generation to HIGH end senior manufacturing representatives who do not have time to cold call or market their products. I will be targeting folks who work in the construction product manufacturing industry. My main client is The Garland Company who is a National Building Envelope Waterproofing product manufacturer. I will be a Business Developer for each person I work for. I will cold call, utilize Linked In to brand and create market awareness, attend tradeshows and attend meetings to get the sale further down the pipeline. Virtually I will FILL their Pipeline with HOT leads not just cold sales appointments. I will connect with prospects for them on Linked In, post articles on their behalf. I will take tradeshow leads and input them into a CRM (like Pipeline) and follow up on the leads. It is way more than being a "sales assistant" - it needs to take the "virtual sales" assistant to the next level. I will be acting like an independent representative for them. I would love to use my last name in the business title if possible "sellers". Also would like some ideas using the word "Pipeline".


Strategic Sellers

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Pipeline Professional

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