GS1 ( is the organisation behind the barcodes used on products in most supermarkets across the world. We're a standards organisation: we provide companies with unique identification numbers for their products. The number you see under the product barcode is managed by GS1 and helps companies to do business more efficiently. As more consumers buy online, we've developed a new standard to help products be found more easily on the web.... and we need your help to give it an attractive and meaningful name for companies that will use it! The new GS1 standard allows companies to embed the barcode number and other product information (such as ingredients and allergens) into their web pages. As a result, search engines can better index the products and present them more prominently in search results. Companies benefit because their products are more visible to consumers, ultimately leading to more sales. Consumers also benefit because they can more easily find the products and product information they are looking for. Thanks in advance for your help.


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