We are residential real estate agents who work in a "higher-end" market. We need a tag line to describe what we are about and what we represent to (or will do for) the client. The intro on our website, I think, is a pretty good description of us. http://www.RhodesRealEstate.com Old tag lines we used to use: "We sell a home every 2.5 days" Issue: came across that we do a lot of business, but we are all about quantity and not quality of service. "We know your neighborhood" Issue: Another Realtor stole this one from us after we stopped using it a while ago ;-) "Helping people build wealth owning residential real estate" Issue: a little long and perhaps lacking. Words that come to mind on our group that may set us apart, or what we may want to convey to the client in a tag line: Honesty: We tell our clients the truth. We tell them what they need to hear. We don't sugar coat to make them "feel better". For example, suggesting that their home is worth more than it really is. Experienced: Each of our members sells roughly 50 homes per year. 10X the national average. So we feel like the know how to negotiate. Offer the right advice. Solve problems. Knowledge: We've been selling real estate a long time in this area. We know the people, the know the players (other realtors), we have good relationships (mostly ;-) with the other realtors. We cold call to make sure we know about properties other realtors don't know about, etc. Hope this helps paint a better picture.


Building relationships, one home at a time.

by NamesbyTracy