GS1 ( is the organisation behind the famous barcode that is used every day on products sold in stores around the world. We're a standards organisation that helps companies do business more efficiently. More and more, consumers research and buy things online or using mobile devices. They want information and products to be available to them as they switch between shopping in physical stores and online marketplaces. For all this to work, products must be listed in a more detailed and consistent way " using unique codes. This makes it easy for shoppers to find and buy the right product, without any confusion. For example, a food manufacturer is offering 4 versions of a free toy inside a box of your child's favourite breakfast cereal " in addition to a box with no toy. She has collected 3 of the 4 toys and wants the last one. Today, there is no way to choose from the 5 box versions in an online store. There is no way for the consumer to tell the retailer which toy they want. GS1 is now developing a new numbering standard to uniquely identify products so that shoppers can "see" and choose products in the digital world the way they do in the physical world. Thanks in advance for your help.



by Slyfox33


by hatoumom