Newly-construction upscale, boutique hostel (sometimes referred to as a youth hostel) opening in Fall 2015 in Washington, D.C.

The property is located in one of D.C.'s best food & nightlife districts. It can lodge approximately 100 guests. It is considered "upscale" because it will incorporate a stylish, eclectic interior design and be run professionally.

Once it is open in Fall 2015, each day it will get to welcome travelers from all over the world most of who are upbeat, intrepid, adventurous, and social.

We've opened other hostels before in other cities and have rave reviews of them so we can't wait to open this one.

The 5 factors our property aspires to achieve once it is open include:

The interior design of the hostel will aspire to achieve the factors above. Design themes will borrow from farmhouse, vintage, and eclectic design styles. Wood tones, 100+yr old exposed brick, and other comfortable materials will be used throughout. In addition, branded luxury soaps and shampoos will stock the bathrooms and guest beds will be custom designed with 9"+ thick mattresses. The hostel will curate activities for guests to opt-into which will be fun, playful, and a great social way to meet other travelers plus explore the city.

The name must be easy to say and read for non-english speakers. Simple words that are spelled like they sound might be best. Name must not have bad meaning in any major foreign langua


Bunk DC

by earthjohn

Brick Haus Hostel

by slim233k