We manufacture E-juice for the electronic cigarette market - we have a very unique bottle type and want the name to go with our unique looking bottle. A cute name, a sexy name a name that can be branded.

Were looking for a name that would go with this particular bottle type we have - the name must be short, catchy, unique. It can be a real word or combination of words or it can be something you have created ei 'google'

As long as it has a great ring and goes with the look and feel of our bottle.

It's extremely important that you do your research before submitting a name. You must search if that name already exists as a 'vapor' or 'ejuice' company - you can do a search on google and put the name your thinking of entering in the contest and the word 'vapor' or 'ejuice' - if anything comes up or even resembles that name we cannot make you a winner even if you give us a really awesome name. Same applies for the domain.

We actually have 2 bottles and you can enter names for both bottles or one of the bottles.

Bottle type number 1

bottle type number 2

check out some of our competition here

think of names that can be one word and really fun say - words that make you hungry when you say them - words that kick in an apatite


Sumo Dust

by mikeday


by Stonehauler