We are four partners coming together to create a Wealth Management team. We are located in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. We want to create an independent trade name and have our own unique website while operating under the well-established brand of Canaccord Genuity http://www.canaccordgenuity.com

Our goal is to empower successful high net worth individuals, business owners and their families make wise decisions regarding the management and preservation of their current and future wealth by introducing comprehensive wealth management strategies and provide customized solutions in the areas of retirement planning, estate planning, investment management, and tax strategies.

Our Value Proposition

We help our clients reach their goals with tailored solutions that meet their needs

We are experienced investment managers that focus on capital preservation and income

We take a conservative approach to help our clients live comfortably today and protect their legacy for the future

We built our team on integrity and trust, because doing what is right for our clients is better for our business in the long run

We are accountable to our clients " we say what we do, and do what we say

We strive to provide peace of mind in uncertain times

Being situated in downtown Vancouver, BC, we are a modern, growing city surrounded by the natural beauty of the mountains, forests and the ocean.

Domain names can end in: .com or .ca

Direct competitor is: http://www.nicolawealth.com

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