Brand Overview
- Online women's fashion boutique for 18-40 year-old trend-setters
- Based in Dubai with a focus on import of midrange Australian designer clothing
- Providing access to on-trend, quality designer fashion that doesn't break the bank
- The pieces are affordable, and fill the gap between high-street and high-end options saturating the UAE market
- Fashion blogger updates /trend news offered on the site
- Offering swift delivery compared with competitors
- Personalised, quality packaging to mirror the high-end store experience
- Flexible return/exchange offering to establish long-term loyalty member base
Overall style: Feminine, chic, elegant fun, trendy, effortless, stylish, modern, sexy, polished, refined
Vision Statement
To become the Middle East's largest online designer fashion destination
Mission Statement
To deliver quality, unique, mid-range designer fashion to the Middle East's highly stylish fashion lovers through convenient online boutique with exceptional speed and service

Target Market: mid income stylish local and expat women.
Primary target markets of NewCo is:
- Female (Age 18-40)
- Mid to High Income level (180,000 " 500,000 AED)
Unique personality, confident, stylish, daring, independent, fun loving, adventurous, playful, smart, tech savvy, has a busy schedule, wants to try new things.

Primary UAE with secondary expansion to GCC

Brand Personality:
The benefits we commit to delivering:
- Convenience
- Affordable designer quality fashion
- Style inspiration
- Accessibility
- Personalised packaging
- Multiple payment options i.e. cash on delivery/safe online payment
The promises we make and keep:
- 24 hour delivery
- Flexible returns and exchanges
- Access to new /unique designers
- Affordable prices for designer clothing
- User friendly site
- Accountable
- Rewards loyalty
- Prioritises customer satisfaction over revenue
Our brand "voice":
- Personable, Genuine , Humble, Down to earth, Fun, Informal but professional, On trend /modern language - Conversational, Energetic, Youthful, Friendly
-Boutique 1
-The Luxury Closet
-Matches Fashion
About the Founders:
Romi Moore, Farimah Moeini and Sabrina De Palma " three expat, thirty-something, fashion-loving girls living in Dubai. Two Australians, one Iranian married to an Aus brought together by their Aussie boys who played in the same football team 'The Dubai Heat'.
Name Requirements: any or all of the following
- Connection to the founders
- Clue of what we offer " some level of description
- .com availability
- Memorable, unique and short
- doesn't compete with similar names
- Isn't limited to females so we can expand to men's + children
- Isn't restricted to Middle East so we can expand internationally


HiLine Boutique

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