I want to start a business that runs cultural exchange programs for young people in Asian countries, e.g. Hong Kong, Taiwan, Malaysia, Singapore.

The business will mainly runs U.S. internship/Trainee program for young people having a chance to go to the U.S. or other countries to have good-changing life experience, open their eyes to the world, making friends with different culture, broaden their horizon.

Introduction to myself:

My name is Bean. II am a travel blogger from Hong Kong who joined U.S. Internship program to work in an American company for 18 months. It had been my dream to go to America to work and live, and I finally did it. I started a blog called "Bean In Mi" (means Bean In America), and I got a lot of followers asking me the way to go to America to work. So I plan to use my personal experience in my own internship program to promote this business.

My company mission will be to help people who have the similar American dream, or want to have a change in their life, to have an opportunity to go to America or other countries to have some new life experience, and explore the unlimited possibility of life.

Some other things I would like to remind:
1. My main target audience is young people in Asia who are aged 20-30. They are not only students. They can be working people.
2. For now, I would only run American cultural exchange programs, but it is possible that I might also run other programs from other countries in the future. But I am not sure for now. I am okay with something with "America".
3. I want something simple & easy to remember and be understandable. :)