We are creating a 6 week health and fitness bootcamp program that is intended for 25-45 years old (m/f) looking to get in shape and reactivate their lifestyle with body weight workouts and plant based (vegan) nutrition. We are looking to reach people who want to live their life to fullest and attempt to acommplish epic goals they never thought they could accomplish like an ironman, ultra marathons, etc.

Our goal is to promote and teach principles that will lead to health, fitness and longevity. It will be group classes with trainers who will assist them through this program. This program will be offered by trainers in gyms, corporate business, churches, etc.

We like the name "Blue Zone" because of it's association with areas that have the highest concentration of those that live over 100 years old. https://www.bluezones.com/2014/03/blue-zones-history/ But the name is trademarked, so we are looking for something completely different but still communicates health, fitness and longevity.

We are looking for something simple, unique and edgy that would appeal to the young professional demographic. (e.i. P90x, Freeletics, Blue Zone, Thrive etc) and not cliche (PlantFit, Vegan Fitness, Plant Bootcamp,etc)



by CleverBrands