we are a producer of nonwoven fabrics and you can get more details regarding our company from our website at http://www.mogulsb.com.
Additional information on nonwoven fabrics is found at ww.edana.org
We are engaged in B2B transactions and supply fabric as a raw material to a number of industries.We desire a brand name for our new product which will be produced from synthetic fibers
which are formed into a 'web' by water jets (the technology is called 'cross-lap spunlace'). The resultant and finished fabric is used in automotive applications, wipes, synthetic leather, medical and hygiene,building construction materials, shoe fabrication, depilation,etc
We want a unique name to introduce the product to the market. You can also get more information about the product by looking at competitor web sites such as: http://www.lentex.pl/en/produkty/wlokniny



by newyorkdeb