Hormone replacement therapy for male and females who have ovarian failure or menopause symptoms such as brain fog, hot flashes, fatigue, low libido, heart palpitations, weight gain around the mid section, depression, anxiety, irritability. I replace hormones in a custom made way using transdermal creams applied to the upper arms in a cyclic dosing schedule and mimic a women's hormone cycle to induce the ovulatory and follicular phase of the cycle. My patients report symptom improvement within 2-4 weeks, with every month better than the month before and hormones restored to optimal levels in 6-12 months. I offer personal and patient expertise in this field. I will order and interpret hormone labs, prescribe and monitor hormone medication. My goal is to spread the word about a different way to replace hormones outside of the "standard of care" model by replicating the human body's natural hormone level of youth vs old age.



by Add2370