We are introducing an exciting new sweet treat (snack food) SENSATION that is deliciously unique! It is not a cookie, cupcake or fancy pastry. Simply, it is a chocolate covered coconut macaroon!

Our macaroon is not the same as the popular French macaron. The Parisian one is shaped like a biscuit with a filling inserted between the top and bottom. The Parisian macaron looks like a hamburger. Note: MACAROON not MACARON.

Our treat is produced completely differently. Our treat is shaped similar to a hockey puck approx. The product is 2" in diameter and 1" high. The top is flat. The inside ingredient is predominately coconut: The outside is completely covered except the bottom, with ELITE chocolate in either dark, white or milk chocolate.

The product comes in various flavors.
The product is; stand out, addicting, elegant, eclectic, sophisticated, unique and a statement maker.

We are looking for 1 or 2 words preferably 1. Short, catchy & memorable.

I had an amazing sweet treat/dessert...what did you have...a ******...what is it? It's a chocolate covered coconut macaroon.....The most amazing thing I have even tasted...a must have...etc!!!



by aceroc