Our product is a digital safety toolkit, currently available as an app for iOS and Android.

The service has two main components. One: It connects you to the closest emergency responders and alerts emergency contacts if you need to call for help. Two: You can share your location with friends or family while you're walking home at night, on a road trip or a run, etc, and we let your followers know when you get safely to your destination. These are two of many features we'll have as we expand and grow the product.

Our overall ethos: relieve people's anxiety over personal safety, especially people at greater risk. Most of our customers find us because they're looking for something to address an existing safety concern.

Why are we changing names? Our current name is not easily searchable in the App Store, has undesirable search results in Google (the top result is a drug forum), older demographic associates us with a particular type of discount and younger demographic with campus safety (original source of the name but no longer as relevant). But the biggest concern with the existing name is that it coincides with another popular type of app, so we get lots of people who download the app by mistake.

Our goal in rebranding is to choose a snappy, easily searchable name that connotes warmth, protection, safety and trustworthiness to a wide audience.

A few of our major user demographics, for reference:

Millennial women
Active seniors
Blind people
People with medical conditions

Looking forward to your ideas!


Harbor Light

by catswin