A new milk brand & dairy farm who's primary concern is animal welfare. The brand's ethos is to apply ethical behaviour to all aspects of the milking process, including ethical farming of the cows, their welfare is number 1 priority.

The cows will live a happy life, live without diseases, no overcrowding and will live with their calfs.

The consumer product will be a premium milk, it will have no added hormones or the cows will not have been fed antibiotics, which will have additional health benefits, and quality of taste for consumers.

The brand will use state of the art technology in the milking process, and are looking to create a movement within the dairy industry to shift the focus towards animal welfare.

Themes to explore during the naming phase - not necessarily to be in the name:

1. Ethically better - raising the bar for welfare
2. New Dairy - a revolutionary dairy
3. Smarter milk - smarter for the animals and humans
4. Fairer farming - fair on the animals, farmer and consumer
5. Clear conscious - this is guilt free milk
6. Family friendly - cow-calf, mother-child, farming families.

The brand's personality will be:

Spirited: Cool, lively, outgoing, adventurous, passionate
Ethical: Honest, sincere, real, thoughtful, caring
Leader: Successful, confident influential,
Independent: up-to-date, contemporary, innovative, aggressive
Imaginative: unique, surprising, artistic, fun

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by TheCitizen

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