Smart, Passive, and Zero Energy Homes

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Business Description
This is a new generation of home-building & development company with 4 base principles:

Entry market price
Zero emission
Software managed houses

Home owners will also benefit from an electric car and no utility invoices (except water) for 20 years. Design and build Smart, Passive, our Zero Energy Homes are very airtight, highly insulated, and generate its own electricity from solar panels and batteries sufficient for average household consumption year round.

Newco will have a long-term relationship with buyers, built on trust and continuity (not just build and sell).

Our team is a mix of developers and investors. Homes will first be built and then sold or rented in certain development cases. Houses will be between 100 and 150 m2 (1,100 to 1,600 sq ft) with small gardens and specifically designed for large city suburbs. Newco is not and should not be viewed or perceived as a real estate agency or an architect firm.
Homeowners in Northern Europe and the US
New homeowners with a starting family between 30 and 45
Public housing administrations in Northern Europe and the US
Designed, engineered and built with recognized Swiss quality standards
Built utilizing innovative materials to achieve highest level of insulation and lower construction costs
Use of state-of-the-art home automation and control components
Proprietary software, algorithm and Internet of Things (IoT) technology to monitor and optimize performance
Home automation Apps for homeowners
Energy efficient doubled with double airflow systems provides a very comfortable atmosphere and temperature year round
No utility bills for 20 years (average household consumption)
Zero Carbon Emission
One Electric car with charging station will be included in each house
Advantages in securing mortgages due to utility bills savings
All these benefits are provided at an entry market price compared to average traditional houses

Naming Guidance
Avoid techie terms and words like Green, Energy, Sustainable, WATT, Electric, Solar, etc.
Cozy feel to the name would be nice
No need to reflect business nature but should be catchy
Compound name is acceptable - 2-3 syllables
Matching (if possible)
Should be read and pronounced in English/French/German in the same way (or as close as possible).



by Mutchstoph