We are looking for a creative name for our business that started up 2 years ago but not advertised to the public, just word of mouth to alot of cabinet makers
So we have decided to create a strong new business out of the demand of our products to other cabinetmakers, as we have great quality products to offer the cabinet making industry.

So we are now looking for a short sharp name for the business, and from here on we will create the logo and full branding.

Products that'll be on offer from us to the Australian cabinet makers will be

Soft close drawers
Soft close hinges
Hand made sinks
Quality material to create kitchen cabinets
Stainless steel material
Chrome hanging rails for wardrobes
Stainless steel cutlery trays
Waterproof materials for alfresco bbqs

Other companies in Australia that we will be in direct competiton are
Titus Tekform
Wilson & Bradley
Lincoln Centry
Cabinet & Joinery Supplies
Furniture hardware supplies

As you can see above there are a few other companies, but they all have long names, which we don't like.
we would like our name to be VERY catchy and exciting, cutting edge and creative.

We also would like to have a European / Italian name which will bring class and sophistication.

The actual Name dosen't have to be an actual name, it can be a made up name.

We would like our name to be a Unique name, and not someone else's name

thankyou for your time




by brikster